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Sneak Peek at Prototype YakAttack Gear!

June 28th, 2012 · No Comments


Today, Luther, owner and head mastermind behind YakAttack Gear, released a couple photos of some of the latest stuff coming out of R&D.

First up was what they’re calling the “HardHead.” This is a crate cover that serves multiple purposes. First, the HardHead puts a solid cover on your crate. Should you find yourself upside down in the water, items in the crate will be secure. Second, the side rails allow mounting options for GearTracs and MightyMounts. And, finally, the sliding cover itself can be used as a cutting board for bait, and seconds as sun protection for things like soft plastics that might be in the crate. Pretty Slick.

This is one of my favorite new things from YakAttack. Ok, well, it’s not all that new. All they did was de-mast the VISICarbon! What I’m calling the VisiLite is just the top light and flag from the VISICarbon. Instead of the mast, a standard size nut has been inserted into the bottom of the light. Now you can put this where ever you want. As the photo suggests you can attack it to a camera mount or ScrewBall. I’m thinking this is awesome for the DIY guys, and especially those of us on the West Coast that wish that the VISICarbon was another two feet taller. Perhaps you don’t want a taller light, and think they’re all too tall for you. This is a great answer because now you can attach the light directly so say a GearTrac or MightyMount and it will just be inches above the deck of your kayak.

The GlowCone is a diffuser for the existing light. The whole idea is to make the light look larger and, therefore, more visible. Tests show that the light appears more visible at near distances.

The GlowCone will be available early next week, while the others will be out later this summer.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Luther also mentioned a new DogBone designed for use with the MightMount. This new DogBone is an idea solution to give your light some extra height, or just give you a taller mounting point for other things. My first thought was to put a ScrewBall on one end, and raise my RAM rod holders higher off the kayak. This will also be available soon at YakAttack.us and other retailers

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