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June 1st, 2012 · 1 Comment


PK PanicI’ve got to take the time to show you what I’ve been doing all but one-hour of my saltwater fishing with since ICAST last year–the PK Panic from PK Lures. These big sizes are not yet on the market, but they hoping to hit the shelves in about 6 weeks or so. They’re a big saltwater vertical jig. They’re flashy. They’re loud. And fish love ’em.

For the PK Panic, it was love at first sight. It happened in Vegas, last year, at ICAST. There isn’t a whole lot at ICAST that the PacNW saltwater angler will find all that new and exciting. When I saw the PK Panic sitting on the table at the PK Lures booth last year, I was sold. Here’s a vertical jig with big flash and noise courtesy of a pair of big nickle Colorado blades. It came with a glow option, ideal for the deep dark water off the Northern Pacific.

After talking the owner of PK Lures, Pat O’Grady, of a couple of his big 8oz Pk Panic prototypes, they have been all I have fished. Ok, I take that back. On my first trip, I did start out with the conventional 4oz jig and swimbait. I wanted to get out with what I knew worked, and once I got the skunk of the boat. Once I had a fish on the kayak and more fishing ahead of me, I made the switch to the Red Dot Glow PK Panic.

That very same Panic is STILL on my rod today. Besides the fact that it performs awesomely, I haven’t lost it. Normally bottom fishing on the Oregon Coast is a trade. It’ll give you a fish if you give it a jig. For some reason, that I can’t explain, that hasn’t been the case with the PK Panic. Yes, I have snagged it. That’s the name of the game as I mentioned, but the PK Panic has always managed to break free of a snag without much work. I’d really like to know how that happens, but, in the meantime, I’m not complaining.

The PK Panic is currently available in sizes up to 1.5oz, with larger sizes coming soon. The current offerings will not include the flashabou tails as you see above, but the bigger jigs coming will feature a 4x strong treble finished in a very fishy red.

The PK Panic isn’t all they carry either. Check out their Flutter Fish spoons! I had a good day bass fishing the other day with the Flutter Fish and I expect their larger sizes to out-fish both the Crocodile and Buzz Bomb later this year for Fall Chinook at Bouy 10 and the Puget Sound. www.PKLures.com

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