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Portland Boat Show finds

January 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment


Well, the Portland Boat Show was bunk for kayakers. Not a whole lot going on. There was a single NuCanoe represented and a couple Airie and Maxxon inflatables as well. Hopefully things will be better at the Sportsmen’s Show in a few weeks.


Yes, but…

There were a couple items that I came across that I had to share.

The first thing I found was from On The Water Sports. Robert Dinubilo not only brought a tricked out NuCanoe to the Portland Boat Show, but he also brought along some Stow-B-Low Crab Pots. I’ve seen these online before, but never in person. The Stow-B-Low is a PVC framed collapsible crab pot. It has a rather ingenious design that gives it an umbrella-like folding function, so it folds up, and sets up, in very quick fashion. It comes with its own carrying case too. Folded it would be easy to get a half dozen pots in most kayak rear tank wells! 6x6x30, all folded. When open it has a LARGE 34″x34″ foot print. Being PVC it’s very light weight, so you do want to get some weight in there to help it fight the currents. But its pyramid shape will hold well, and likely better than square traps, requiring less weight than your average trap would require.

If I could change this product, I would put the weight inside the PVC. Nothing to have to remember when setting the pots once that is accomplished. It’s still a great device. Find out more info at http://www.onthewatersports.com or http://www.stow-b-low.net

Another great product has been around for over 15 years, yet I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it before. Perhaps I only noticed because I now fish from a kayak so religiously…

American Outdoor Coolers are the best soft-sided cooler I have EVER seen. They’re thickly insulated, and completely water/leak proof inside and out! A video I saw earlier today doing a bit more research on these coolers shows one survive a 120+°F day in Death Valley. I would consider the 24 Pack the ideal size for kayak fishing. At this size you’re looking at a cooler that is 17″x10″x12″, small enough to only take up half of your tank well, but big enough to keep a case of beer, um, I mean, all your bait, lunch, and catch cold for a whole day of fishing.

The AO Coolers also ofter great attachment points to keep your cooler secure. I’m just going to have to talk them into getting my color though. Find more at http://www.aocoolers.com

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  • 1 Bennicus // Jan 19, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Robert is a super guy. I have purchased 5 NuCanoes from him in the past year for personal use and to replace the floating patches we call rafts at our rental property in central Oregon. On The Water Sports has much better pricing than Next Adventure (I even worked there at the time). He even took me to paddle around a local pond with my 3 year old son to see how they handled (no on the water demos by Next Adventure). Huge kudos to Robert as well for meeting me in Wilsonville to pick one up as a gift for my brother from the whole family around X-mas. My daughter was just born and my free time was very limited but Robert made it easy for me to surprise him with it ready to go in my mom’s pool. Sometimes a one man show is the way to go.

    The Stow-B-Low is a brilliant design and the first thing that crossed my mind was filling the bottom tubes with sand. Maybe it sinks better with the weight in the middle, methinks they also thought of it and tried it. Or maybe then it was to costly to ship but it worked great. Be the guinea pig and try it please, they ain’t cheap but I’d give em a go if i lose the traps I already have.

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