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To Do List…

June 8th, 2012 · No Comments


So, the Oregon Rockfish Classic is barely over a week away and I feel like I’ve got a TON of stuff to do. Of course, I know where I’m fishing and where I’m not. I know what I’m going to be using for gear. I just need to put some finishing touches on things and I’ll be good to go. But why do these “finishing touches” see like so much??

1- Trolleys.
Most people think of anchor trolleys, but in saltwater a good drift anchor is nice to have around. To control that drift anchor and the Jackson Cuda, I should be running a trolley on at least one side of the kayak. Ideally I’ll be running one trolley from mid-to-stern and a second mid-to-bow. Both will be on the left (port) side of the kayak as not to interfere with the Cuda rudder operation which is on the starboard (right) side of the kayak. I tend to fish on the the starboard side of the kayak anyways, so that is even more reason to put the trolley/anchor/drift anchor on the other side

2- Finalize Sonar.
It took all of three minutes to transfer the sonar/GPS from my old kayak to the Cuda. However, I’m really starting to believe a scupper mounted option might be better for me. IMO, the Jackson Kayaks are thicker than my old Ocean Kayak. In the little use I have had, the sonar definitely doesn’t seem to be acting the same as it used to. I also need to secure the battery.

3- New VHS Radio.
If you’ve followed along with my blog at all, you might remember what happened, and my thoughts, about my old VHF radio. I still need to replace that POS radio, and I need to do it before the Oregon Rockfish Classic. Getting in an out of Depoe Bay requires radioing the harbor master.

4- Reserve my spot
in more ways than one. I keep checking to see my name on the list, but it hasn’t happened yet. One of my sponsors is going to pay that bill. I also need to reserve my spot at the camp ground. I should do that ahead of time, unlike last year when I just dropped in and slept in the car…

Speaking of cars, I’ve got some work to do on my brakes before I go off and over the Coast Range.

I’m still really bummed that it doesn’t look like I’ll have a camera while on the water this year. I would have considered an inexpensive waterproof option, but since I need to replace my VHF, that’s not really an option.

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