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More Bigfoot Action – Hood to Coast Relay

August 20th, 2015 · No Comments


So, my last video from a fishing trip has turned up quite the reaction. I’ll ignore the folks that insist that I was “not even fishing” as they clearly have no idea. There’s been a lot of talk, and even a few other reposts of the video too. What has been most outstanding, though, has been contacts from people on Facebook. People that have had their own encounters, and in the SAME AREA!

The video below is from one of those folks, Ethan. I have his permission to post this. He was taking his friend’s dog out for a hike, scouting out the Hood-to-Coast Relay routes around Exchange 30. This area is just around the corner from where I was fishing.

The encounter happens right at the end of the video, and is clear as day.

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August 6th, 2015 · 1 Comment


I’ve been fishing lately, but not so much with the kayak. I’ve been working a lot of small streams and rivers along Oregon’s coast range. I’ve not been sharing a whole lot of photos or videos of these trips because I’m looking to compile and share them all over the winter. Today I went through some of the video footage.

And Saw THAT!
I was fishing this small undercut on this stream about 20 minutes south of Astoria. I caught a couple native cutthroat in the undercut. I didn’t hear or see anything else in the area other than scat. The only thing that I heard that day was water and my own footsteps.

So, yeah. Not sure what to think at this point but “I want to believe” comes to mind.

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Jackson Kayak Can’t Contain the Kraken

July 15th, 2014 · 3 Comments


For some time now, a number of Jackson Kayak Fishing Team members have been putting requests and thoughts for this. The Kraken. It took Jim Sammons to help realize the kayak and I’m excited to see it’s debut. This is a paddlers kayak. Longer. Leaner. Faster. It’s not made for stand-up fishing (though you probably could) but made for punching through the surf and covering water. I can’t wait to get mine.

See more: Jackson Kayak Can’t Contain the Kraken | Kayak Fish.

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Payne’s Paddle Fish: Stop Apologizing!

February 2nd, 2014 · 3 Comments


This blog post popped up a couple weeks ago. It’s been resonating in my head ever since. Honestly, while I read Chris Payne’s blog regularly, I often don’t see eye to eye with some of the things he has to say. However, this post is pretty epic:

I’m in the middle of show season myself. You’ve seen me post here of events that I’ll be attending. Chris’s Stop Apologizing! post is pretty dead on. I see it all the time. While Kayak Fishing is still pretty small in the PacNW, it is fairly saturated with guys that are all pro-staffers for one brand or shop or another. I’m guilty of this too, but am quite proud of sponsors like Jackson Kayak and NRS. But I’ve striven to be non-judgmental about what someone is paddling. In fact, I say, regardless of what brand name or where they bought their kayak, that it’s “cool” and “good way to get on the water.”

Like I mentioned, I’m proud to be part of the Jackson Kayak team. I love to talk kayak fishing, regardless, and I will point out some of the awesome features of Jackson fishing kayaks. A lot of people on forums will suggest “wait and save money to get X $2k+ kayak” but I know that doesn’t work. I’ve been on a tight budget my whole adult life. If it’s easier to save up a few hundred, then do it! It doesn’t matter. Just get on the water and be safe about it (PFD, safety knife, whistle, and appropriate attire). Heck, I had to borrow most all of the money to buy my first kayak (Thanks Myke!), then drive 200 miles to go get it. But it was something that I could afford (within a few days) and if I hadn’t jumped on it then, I might not ever have gotten a kayak. Certainly not that first summer and certainly not in time to win the Oregon Rockfish Classic that year.

My fishing life changed with that kayak I bought for a few hundred bucks.

So, it’s not about what you paddle, but how you fish it.

Thanks, Chris, for sharing your blog post. It is awesome, and I think more folks can stand to read it.

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How to Make a Fishing Lean Bar

January 31st, 2014 · No Comments


There’s no doubt that people are attracted to the standup bar on the new Jackson Kayak Big Rig. The colapsable assembly makes it easier to keep ballance when standing on a kayak. Recently a fellow Jackson Kayak Fishing Team member, Sean Brodie, made one for his beloved Jackson Cruise. Following his instructions, anyone can build one of these for their kayak too, regardless of make/model.

Check out the How-To on his blog, Canepole Adventures: How to Make a Fishing Lean Bar for the Jackson Kayak Cruise.

Once I get my new kayaks in, a 2014 Cuda 14 and Coosa, I’ll see if I can’t get some good measurements that will allow me to use the same bar on both kayaks. I think I might be able to find this feature quite usable.

Thanks, Sean, for the write-up on this great modification!

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