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Brad’s Brat – Time Machine Fly Box

November 18th, 2013 · No Comments


Continuing on with flies inspired by John P Newbury’s Time Machine Fly Box, here’s the Brad’s Brat. Now, I just love the name of this fly alone. I’m not sure what I like to say more – Green Butt Skunk or Brad’s Brat. I suppose I like the way Brad’s Brat just rolls so well, while I like the looks none steelhead anglers give me when I say Green Butt Skunk.

Anyways. The Brad’s Brat is another year-round PacNW Steelhead favorite. Swing it. Any time. It’s another that also has more variations rivers it’s been fished on. From what I understand, the original has a yellow yarn butt section, followed by a red yard forward body section. Over the years, that yellow butt section has turned orange, but the fly remains very productive. Materials vary, of course, and I don’t reckon many tie the original wool yarn patterns much anymore (and I’m sure I’m wrong, I just don’t see it). The wing and tail are also made of two colors, White and Orange. I’ve seen plenty of variation here too–some say the white is on top in the tail, and under on the wing. Others say the opposite. What I do know, is that the fly has been around since 1937, and was created by Eli Bradner for the Stillaguamish River in Washington. It has seen, I’m sure, every other river in the PacNW in the last 75+ years.

Here’s are a few of my Brad’s Brat Examples:

Brads Brat
This is what I’d consider a fairly traditional variation of the Brad’s Brat. While I don’t have yarns to work with. I did use tightly dubbed yellow butt section, followed by a red peacock hurl forward section. The tail is a bit different with just red saddle hackle barbs. Yellow hen makes up the collar under the white and orange bucktail wing.

brads brat
Again, I’d call this a traditional style variation. Yellow and Orange hackles provide the tail, orange floss for the butt, followed by red floss for the body. Orange saddle hackle came again in the collar under the with and orange bucktail wing.

brads brat
This one I’m not even sure about. Yes, it has the yellow butt section again, then there’s the big red hackle tips hanging behind it. The body section is red floss again, but this time with a red saddle palmered (poorly) over that. Brown hen was then over wrapped as a collar, and the bucktail wing remains the same.

Brads Brat
This, I think, is one of the coolest Brad’s Brats. At least it’s the coolest of what I’ve tied. Yellow and orange saddle hackle barbs for the tail section. The butt is UV Ice Dub, in Orange. The red body section is Red UV Polar Chenille, which mimics a good soft hackle. The collar is mallard flank and it’s topped, again, with the same white and orange bucktail wing. I tossed in a couple pieces of Pearl Krystal Flash into the wing too.

brads brat
Finally, this is something different. Red is a color I don’t pick out for a lot of materials. What you’ve seen in the previous pics is representative of all the red-colored material that I have on hand. Except for red beads, which came in for this final Brads Brat. The tail is back to red saddle hackle barbs. The butt is, again, Orange UV Ice Dub. The body is made up of five glass beads. Under those glass beads is a layer of silver holographic flashabou to help lend some brightness. The collar is red saddle hackle, while the wing is made up of a pair of White and Blaze Orange Marabou feathers. All in all, I like where this variation is going, and when I get around to picking up more material, I’ll be playing with it some more.

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