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Fish Philosophy – Ever Day in May

May 30th, 2012 · No Comments


Yesterday, when I was supposed to be writing this “Fish Philosophy” blog post, I decided that I needed to go fishing instead. I had a late start. Normally I load up all the gear in the car the night before. This time, I decided at 730am that I was going to go fishing. Just as I had anticipated, I was on the water around 9am after a stop to buy a new battery for my sonar/GPS.

I have grown tired chasing around salmon that never seem to be around when I am. Too many “you should have been here yesterday” stories. Fishing so dead slow that I’m not even seeing any sea lions in the river. Yesterday I was going to see if the bass were awake yet.

I packed pretty light, especially for bass fishing. I had two rods and three lures. I brought along my favorite two favorite crank baits and a PK Lures Flutter Fish. The plan was to work my way down the river with the crankbaits and then back up with the Flutter Fish.

I was on the water for only about 10 minutes when I started picking up trash. A ton of it just floating along in the river. It had been there a long time. Scum had started to form on the outside of the bag. The plastic was brittle and some of the contents were decomposing. Gross.

It took a bit of work to get it on the kayak, but I did, and secured things the best I could. I only got a few more casts into a nice rocky point when the Clackamas County Sheriffs Department motored up along side of me. All I could think was “dude, I’m getting this crap OUT of the water.” Once he got close enough to talk, he told me that I should be fishing the Upper Willamette because the bass fishing is better up there. I agreed and told him I was trying to keep it kinda close to home. He noted that I was wearing my PFD (of course) and asked if I had a whistle, which I was already reaching for in my upper pocket. Then he asked for my Aquatic Invasive Species permit. I never showed him the permit, just the license holder it was in. Guess that was good enough. He took my name and address, handed me an Oregon State Marine Board safety sticker and went on to check the other boats on the river.

Alone. Finally. At last.

Fishing, as the Sheriff suggested, was slow. I wasn’t without fish though. I was almost to the point that I was going to turn around when I finally enticed on the of the Willy Smallmouths to hit my old standby crankbait. That really felt good. The tug of a fish has eluded me for a couple weeks now. It was a pretty smallmouth, if not a bit on the small side, and fought with all the vigor one might expect. I snapped a photo and worked the area a bit more before calling it time.

It was time to switch lures. I had at least picked up one fish, and would continue to work the rocky areas at about 9′ of depth. While one fish a pattern does not make, it is a start. I switched the ol’ BPS crankbait for the PK Flutter Fish in the Firetiger pattern. The wind had just started to pick up, though ever so light, it was enough to keep me moving up river with minimal effort. In fact, I was actually making it back to the ramp even faster than the first half of the trip. I continued to work all the rocky spots I could find, and even some pylons. With just one good rocky point left, I got another tug.

Another great smally, this time on the spoon. That was new for me and I’ll be sure to fish with spoons a bit more than I have in the past. Though even smaller than the first, this one was more reluctant to come to the kayak. She peeled off some drag, then would turn and head towards me, then back away… ’twas a good fight, but I did win. She put on a good show, and took a minute to recover before swimming off with a splash.

So… in the end… what is my fish philosophy? I don’t know. I like the solitude. I talk to the fish. I’ll even talk to birds and marine mammals when they’re around. I like the sun. I like the rain. I like the water. But, to put it into a philosophical sense, I don’t know. Perhaps someone else can read this and enlighten me.

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