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The FTC Disclosure


Product Review Policy

I usually only write positive things about products I actually like and use.
es, most of my reviews are mostly positive. Why? Because if I don’t like something, I don’t use it, and I won’t be able to give it a good review. Bad reviews aren’t all that fun to ready anyways. If I was using something we didn’t like just for a review, then I’d be wasting our time, not catching fish, and probably putting my life at risk.
If something is really, really bad, I might tell you how bad it is, just so you don’t make a mistake.

FTC Disclosure
I think this might be everything. When it comes to any of the reviews on my YakFish blog, please assume that the product’s manufacturers, sales representatives, dealers and/or others with a financial interest in the product being reviewed may have done any, most, or all of the following:

  • Sent me products at no cost to review and then send back to them.
  • Sent me products at no cost to review and then keep.
  • Sent me products to keep even if I don’t review them.
  • Taken me fishing and then refused my offer for gas money.
  • Bought me beer.
  • Bought me other alcohol drinks, and/or non-alcohol drinks, and/or food.
  • Been friends with me. (hey, sometimes a lil friendship goes a long ways)
  • Yelled at me for sinking one of their kayaks
  • Featured me in their sales and marketing literature, and/or other publications, online and/or not. (thanks KAM and OSOM)
  • Paid me off (send checks to Isaac Miller, 42….)
  • Paid me outrageous referral fees for sending customers to them. (no, really, please?)
  • Provided cool prizes for contests and/or give-aways. (someday)
  • Hosted me in their homes and/or awesome, skyline view, vacation condos. (thanks, Thomas and Jay and families!)
  • Sent me a text or posted on Facebook on my birthdays.
  • Visit my website and comment on my blog posts.
  • Provided non-professional medical treatment and/or advice. (thanks to that random guy on the Willy and Rory!)
  • Generally been nice to me, with the expectation that I’ll write good things about their products, or not.
  • Of course, like most folks, I also paid for a lot of the gear I review too. Thanks to Deneki Outdoors for allowing me to plagiarize some/most of this disclosure

    And, to the head honchos over at the FTC, I hope this lil page helps me pass through all your rules.

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