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Jackson Kayaks 2013 preview

August 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment


Jackson Kayak exploded at Outdoor Retailer this year with a trailer full of never before seen kayaks. Then they brought out their tried-and-true top selling fishing kayaks with new features that are sure to please any kayak angler.

The Coosa will come with a number of inserts to put this RAM Revolution rod holder

If you already have a Jackson fishing kayak like a Cuda or a Coosa, you’ll wish you had some of the new features these kayaks, and the rest of the 2013 lineup, are featuring. Throughout the kayaks are small nut inserts. You might not notice them right away as they’ll be capped off with plastic screws to protect the threads from sand and other muck. Jackson Kayak paired up with RAM Mounts to install these inserts and all the fishing kayaks will come with at least one RAM Mount to install a rod holder where ever you desire. The Coosa, Cuda 12, SUPerFISHal and Kilroy will come with one RAM rod holder, while the Cuda 14 and Big Tuna will each come with a pair of RAM rod holders. Because Jackson is using RAM Mounts on the kayaks, you can also install any of the RAM accessories like GPS cradles, AquaBox waterproof boxes, and more.

GoPro Ready. You can remove the screw and place the GoPro where ever you want, or not at all, and open up another insert for a RAM Mount

The kayak fishing fleet, as well as other kayaks from Jackson, are all now GoPro ready. The same inserts can be used to install a GoPro HD camera, with a mount already included. The kayaks do not come with the camera though, so it will need to be purchased separately. If you don’t plan on using a GoPro, remove the mount and you will be able to install a RAM Mount in the same spot.

Saltwater fisherman love the Jackson Cuda 14. It’s long and fast, making it easier to get to the best fishing grounds in the least amount of time. A common complaint, however, has been the flush mount rod holders behind the seat. These flush mount rod holders have been a staple item since modern rotomolded kayaks have been used for fishing. Flush mount rod holders end up putting expensive saltwater reels right next to the water, where they’re subject to all the effects that nasty saltwater can deliver. Jackson was the first to listen to the cries of the saltwater angler and, for 2013, have dropped the flush mount rod holders in the Cuda 14.

The Cuda 14’s new RAM Tubes are going to be a hit with saltwater anglers. In the distance, the new shape of the rod top protector will help make paddle storage quick and effortless.

Instead, future Cuda 14 owners will be rejoicing the RAM Tube rod holders. Mounted on RAM ball mounts installed in the factory, the rocket launchers will raise the reels 14 more inches above the kayak, keeping things as dry as possible. The Cuda 12 and Coosa will retain the traditional flush mount rod holders. Those with a keen eye will also notice that the Rod Tip Protector at the bow of the Cuda has been slightly redesigned. The bungies will now better accept a paddle blade to park it when you need to focus on the fishing without losing track of the paddle.

The Coosa, already the most popular fishing kayak on the market, saw a few additional changes. While it shares the same GoPro and RAM Mount readiness as the rest of the fleet, the front hatch has been flipped around. In years prior, the front hatch also opened from the front of the kayak. This made things difficult when trying to open the hatch while you’re in the kayak. Now it’ll open from the seat area. The rod keepers on the front hatch are now also taller, so it’ll keep rods staged right where you want them, even in rough water.

The Jackson Cuda 12 was first shown off at ICAST last month, but people lined up to give it a paddle at Outdoor Retailer. The shorter version of the Cuda 14, the Cuda 12 offers all of the same features of the Cuda 14–multiple rod stagers, center storage hatch, Elite hi/lo seating, tackle stagers, and more. The most obvious changes came from the front and the rear where you’ll find a slightly smaller tank well area and a smaller front hatch. This kayak is perfect for those that were looking for the speed of the Cuda 14 but not so much river-running agility of the Coosa. The Cuda 12 is a small kayak that tracks straight and continues to make a great platform for standing up and sight fishing like all Jackson fishing kayaks.

The dashboard on the Kilroy features more tackle staging areas, RAM Mount, rod stagers, and a GoPro mount. Under the dash you can see the rod storage tubes on the left. There are three more such rod keepers on the right side of the kayak.

The Kilroy was built similarly to the Cuda 12. It features the same hull as the Cuda 12 and features the same stand-up stability but that’s where similarities end. This sit-in kayak was designed for fishing by Damon Bungard. The Kilroy features tackle box stagers, storage for up to six fishing rods, a removable mesh crate cover, fly line stripping deck, and a removable dashboard towards the bow. The dashboard feaures the same inserts for RAM mounts, GoPro ready, tackle storage areas and foam fly patch. If you like cast and blast fishing/hunting trips, this will probably be one of the top kayaks.

Featuring the same RAM mounting points and GoPro readiness, the SUPerFISHal is a stand-up paddleboard made for fishing.

Drew Gregory shows off the super-stable, yet very fishy SUPerFISHal. Even I was able to do the same thing and I had never been on a SUP before.

The SUPerFISHal seems to have all the stability in the world and one can instantly become comfortable walking around and fishing from this SUP. At the front and rear, the SUP has straps to secure your tackle and cooler, not flimsy bungies. These straps will make keep your gear more secure. The SUPerFISHal also comes with plenty of capacity to haul everything you’ll need for overnight trips down the river too.

It doesn’t matter how you like to fish, Jackson Kayak has something for everyone now. Kayak fishing is made easier with kayaks that are pretty much rigged and ready to fish before they even leave the factory.
the factory.

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