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JK Illuminati Series

November 4th, 2012 · No Comments


No, it’s not a secret society. Well, not yet.

Glow – Jackson Kayak Fishing Kayaks

I like the idea, a lot. A white kayak (well visible in most of the waters I fish) that also glows in the dark. Awesome. Besides being able to see the kayak fly off the roof of my car at night now (sarc.) this kayak would do great for those early morning and late night launches.


Yes, there’s a “but”

I could only feel safe fishing this kayak in fresh water. It’d be great too. I’ve nearly been run over on the Willamette while doing some early morning sturgeon fishing. I also think nighttime video shooting could be a lot of fun while fishing for walleye after dusk.

But I couldn’t use it in the salt.

You see, my favorite saltwater lures also glow in the dark. Why? We fish deep water for big toothy critters that like things that glow.

There’s another big toothy critter that roams the Oregon Coast. And he’s usually in the neighborhood this time of year. Mr Whitey. The Landlord. The Taxman.

Call ’em what you want, but Great White Sharks roam these waters. Fellow kayak angler Jason Self reminded me of that when I first linked to the new boats on Facebook.

While probably not the best on the coast, a glowing kayak would be a lot of fun elsewhere. Imagine fly fishing from the kayak while your boat attracts all the bugs and fish! Perhaps that’d be best for those that practice tenkara…

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