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October 26th, 2009 · No Comments


whats in the box

whats in the box

What ever is this sitting next to my door? Oh yes! A special little something I ordered for myself last week. I found a golf hole marker a few weeks ago at Hagg Lake and had used it that day as a safety flag. But looking it over and over and over again, I couldn’t find a way to mount it the way I wanted it to be without making more work than I wanted it to be.

So, I needed a new solution.

Safety lights and flags are an important part of kayak fishing safety. If you’re on the water at night (Oregon considers night time “one hour after sunset to one one hour before sunrise”), then you need a light by law. Flags have been used by bicyclists and ATV users for decades to help being seen my motorists and other people otherwise not paying attention. It didn’t take much work to talk my wife into letting me buy a ready-made safety light and flag.

YakAttack Visipole

YakAttack Visipole

It wasn’t hard to find the Chosen One. The YakAttack VisiPole has practically anything you could want. At 4’6″ tall, the safety light rides well above your head, so you’re not going to block the light or flag if someone is looking for you head on. The Bright Red (no flag, the Stars and Stripes, and Jolly Rodger Pirate also options) flag is going to be hard to miss. Its easily removable for cleaning or replacement.

TektiteThe Tektite Mark III 2-LED marker is the heart and soul of the YakAttack VisiPole. A trio of installed AAA batteries will like the twin LED lamp for over 100 hours. For the average kayak fisherman, that’s more than 20 fishing trips, assuming you use the light at all times (which you don’t need during the day)! It is also waterproof to 1000′, but that’s something I would rather not care to test.

tapeBelow the Tektite lamp you’ll find three taped stripes. High-Vis orange, Reflexite brand SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) reflector tape, and High-Vis orange again. The blaze orange stripes are great for daytime visibility and will not fade, even in the salt. The SOLAS tape is unimpressive during the day, but at night it literally shines! It is designed to reflect light back towards where it is coming from. The science behind the SOLAS tape is impressive, but this blog isn’t the place for it. But I will say that the reflected light can be measured at 900 candlepower! Now that’s some sweet stuff!

The optional flags are easily removed with duo-lock snaps. So if the sound of it flapping in the breeze is too much for you, remove the flag. If you realized you left some valuable tackle at home, and need a duo-snap, then you’ve got a couple spares! I’ve seen where one person has removed the flag and replaced it with two strips of High-vis orange nylon with SOLAS sewn into it. Replace the optional flags with your kayak fishing club’s own safety flag. The options here are limitless, and YakAttack also gives you the option of choosing the Stars and Stripes, a Pirates Jolly Rodger, or no flag at all when ordering.

base YakAttack also has two different base options – Scotty mount (as shown) or the QuietSlip. The QuietSlip is foam covered and has a rubber foot. It was designed for fitting into a vertical rod holder either in your crate or seat. I went with the Scotty mount option. It also has a foam slip at the bottom which is help to make the VisiPole buoyant, should it happen to find its way into the drink (the QuietSlip version includes a leash to keep it attached to your kayak). I don’t yet have a Scotty brand mount on my kayak, and I’m still looking into placement options. Right now I’m looking towards somewhere in the tank well for easy setup and retrieval for stowage. For the time being, it does look like I’ll still be able to slip the VisiPole into my crate’s PVC rod holder.

Light onHopefully I’ve shown how awesome this safety product is. I can’t wait to get it out on the water for some more pictures, and to keep me visible to other boaters on the water.

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