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When the River’s High and Dirty, It’s Time to Clean

January 24th, 2012 · 2 Comments


Aaahhh. The rain finally let up yesterday, so I just had to get my new Diablo Chupacabra on the water. I had a late start unfortunately. First I wanted to pick up a SUP paddle to go with the stand-up paddleboard/kayak hybrid. Yes, I could have just used my regular kayak paddle, but, believe me, that isn’t an ideal situation. After checking out the dismal selection around town (hey, don’t tell me its the “off season.” Christmas was just a month ago), I picked up a decent, barely used paddle at Alder Creek Canoe and Kayak They had a couple others I would have really liked, but $300+ is out of my price range. From there, I had to head back home, load up the kayak, eat some lunch, and hit the water.

We had some pretty heavy rains last week. Actually, we had torrential downpours last week. Most rivers in the area pushed flood stage, and many towns an hour south of me are under water. That meant a couple things:

  1. I’m staying out of the main flow, and hitting the backwaters
  2. the water is dirty. filthy would be more like it. 8″ visibility.
  3. there’s a ton of crap in the water (literally and figuratively)

I didn’t anticipate that I’d be fishing much, if at all. I did, however, bring along my 7wt fly rod and one good small sculpin pattern to toss around. That really didn’t happen. I did give it a throw, but mostly to see how the Chupacabra reacted to fly casting while I was seated on the elevated Larry Chair and while standing. The Chup performed excellently. I was quite impressed. But, as I mentioned, the water was nasty. So I just paddled around, but seated and standing.

The high water also means all the crap people kept in their back yards, or on their docks, ended up in the river. When the water’s dirty, it’s time to clean, so that’s just what I did. In the end, I had about 200 lbs of trash collected on the kayak. Fortunately some of that trash included large bins to put everything I collected. My single garbage bag wasn’t going to be of any use on this day. Worst of all the garbage was an oil drain pan, sitting just about a yard away from the waterline. And it was full. Not water. Oil. Fortunately it didn’t seem to leak at all, as it was most definitely underwater just a couple days ago. Horrible.

Plenty of other stuff too. I didn’t make it back to the launch until dark, so I couldn’t get a decent photo of the pile I made for the parks department (which I have notified). But, yeah, right around 200 pounds of trash, DVD player, CD cases, interior door handles, half of a TV, tire, and more.

The lil Chupacabra packed it all quite well!

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  • 1 Cate // Jan 24, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Good work!!! You should consider posting on the Out of Sight Out of Mind Facebook page.

  • 2 Dan // Jan 24, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    That is great work your doing for your river, imagine if everyone just picked up a little garbage…

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